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Parao Fee

Jhansi cantonment levies parao fee at the rate mentioned below under the authority of CBR No.7(C) dated 28.10.2010.

S.No. Location Rates per day
1 Along the road side 50 paise/sqft per day 6AM TO 6PM
2 Away from road Rs. 20 paise/sqft per day. 6AM to 6PM

Copying Fee

Any person desirous of obtaining any permissible document from the Cantonment Board can obtain the same by depositing the copying fee at the rates mentioned below :-

S.No. Location Rates per day
1 Death certificate Rs. 10.00 /per copy
2 Birth certificate Rs. 50.00 /per copy
3 GLR extract Rs. 100.00 per copy
4 Assessment certificate Rs. 100.00 /per copy
5 Any other document covered under the Right to Information Act 2005. Rs. 2.00 per page.

Cattle Pound

Jhansi cantonment maintains a cattle pound for impounding stray cattle. The impounded cattle can be got released by paying following fines and charges :-

S.No. Type of cattle Pound Fee per animal
1 Cow/Ox/Horse Rs. 50.00
2 Buffalo Rs. 60.00
3 Goat Rs. 20.00
4 Pig/Donkey Rs. 30.00

Beside this feeding charge @ Rs. 30 per day for adult animals and Rs. 15 for animal below one year is being levied. Rs. 9 is fixed for goat.
Cantonment Board Jhansi also imposes a composition fee for releasing the cattle at the rates given below :-
-Cow, buffalo, pig, horse, ox etc. - Rs. 250.00 per animal
-Goat, calf, sheep etc. - Rs. 50.00 per animal

Trade License Fee

Trade license at the following rates is charged by the Board for granting the license to sell eatables within the limits of the Cantonment.
Rs. 800/- per annum for hotels and restaurants.
Rs. 200/- per annum for kirana and provision
Rs. 30/- per annum for hawkers.

Ground Fee

Cantonment Board Jhansi levies a ground fee for installation of hoardings at the specified places of Jhansi Cantonment @Rs. 112/- per sqft per annum.